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SoyaBella SB-130 Soya Milk Maker
SoyaBella SB-130 Soya Milk Maker

SoyaBella SB-130 Soya Milk Maker


Easily Make Milk from Nuts, Grains and Beans!

The Tribest Soyabella Milk Maker is the easy way to make fresh alternatives to cow's milk in your own kitchen. For raw-vegans, it can make amazing raw almond milk, cashew milk, hazelnut milk and other nut milks in as little as 30 seconds. Simply add soaked soya beans and water to get fresh soya milk in 15 minutes. You can also quickly and easily make delicious milks from a variety of other beans and grains such as oat, rice and coconut.

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Brand Tribest

The Soyabella is also great for making grinding nuts, seeds and coffee beans as well as making fresh pastes, porridge and soups.

Simply choose your ingredient, add to the Soyabella along with water, and enjoy a creamy and nutritious dairy-free drink that is 100% natural and free from chemicals, thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives and pesticides. 

Take a look at the average savings that can be made using the SoyaBella: 

Milk Amount Store Bought SoyaBella Saving
 Oat  1litre  €2.50   €0.12  95%
Soya   1 litre €3.20  €0.25  92% 
Almond   1 litre €3.80  €0.63  83% 
Hemp   1 litre  €3.80  €1.19  69% 
Hazelnut   1 litre  €3.80  €1.26   66%


Plus, the Tribest Soyabella is extremely easy to clean, and unlike other soya milk makers, it does not have an exposed heating coil, instead it features a safely hidden heating element inside its stainless steel boiling chamber. Advanced safety features also prevent overflows, dry heating, and overheating for safe and reliable operation. The sleek figure and contemporary design looks stunning in any kitchen, and the compact space-saving shape doesn’t waste valuable kitchen space.


>  Makes between 800 ml and 1.3 Litres dependent on the thickness required
>  Enclosed heating element for added safety and easier cleaning
>  Stainless-steel carafe and elegant black trim look beautiful in any kitchen
>  Temperature controlled cooking cycle for perfect results every time
>  Multiple program settings for a wider variety of recipes
>  Utility cup for easy preparation and cooling
>  Temperature controlled processor prevents overheating
>  LED indicator light and audible notifi cations
>  Overflow sensor prevents dangerous spills
>  Unit will not heat without liquid in the carafe
>  Easy-pour spout
>  2 year warranty
>  27cm H x 17cm W x 20cm D / 1.8 kg

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