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Bernadette Bohan - The Choice (Book)
Bernadette Bohan - The Choice  (Book)

Bernadette Bohan - The Choice (Book)


The true and moving story of a spirited mother fighting for her life - and her child.

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The Choice is a truly inspirational cancer survivor′s story - that of an ordinary woman who decided to have a child, even though doctors had told her she probably wouldn′t survive to raise her.

Having twice defeated breast cancer, Bernadette found her calling and now helps others win back their health, motivating them to live life to the very fullest.

After defeating breast cancer the first time, when she miscarried a baby, Bernadette Bohan′s doctor told her: ′You′ve got more than most. You have a girl and a boy, so go home and live your life.′ Yet twelve years later a little miracle happened and Bernadette fell pregnant. In spite of a massive chance she′d miscarry again, Bernadette held her nerve, trusted in God that everything would be OK and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Five years later, Bernadette′s cancer returned. Once again she survived. This time she created a lifestyle which she vows saved her life.

After her amazing survival, Bernadette′s fame grew through friends and family passing on her story. And this ordinary wife and mother found her own special calling. Soon her living room was packed with people wanting to learn how to be healthy. Now Bernadette is a much sought-after talk-show guest and lecturer.