Summer approaches and the evenings are long and we are starting to move about more, this is a perfect time to get fitter and healthier and maybe loose that extra 5lbs.

We can have extra weight around our hips and tummy areas. Women’s daily calorie intake is recommended as 2000kcal a day and men can consume 2500kcals. All it takes is an extra snack everyday over a six-month period to gain an extra 5lbs roughly. This is very easy to achieve but much more difficult to lose.

These fat cells never go away, we might be sad to hear but they will shrink or expand as we lose or gain weight. From an evolutionary point of view, women’s bodies have a higher proportion of body fat, at around 28% compared with men at roughly 20%. This is in case females get pregnant.

We need to be mindful of what we are eating and how often, and not reach for the cupboard every time we feel the urge.

With takeaway apps and ready meals, we have turned into the generation who eats processed foods but maybe now we have more time we will learn to cook more dishes at home and learn to appreciate simpler, tasty healthier meals with our families.

Here are some tips to help get you started

> Try preparing meals and snacks for the day or a few days ahead.

> Try a new vegetable and fruit every week in the shopping.

> Get a smaller dinner plate. Did you know in the 1960’s our plates were about 9 inches in size? Now they are a whopping 12 inches. Portion control is probably the most important factor in maintaining healthy sustained weight loss.

> Drink 6 - 8 glasses of water per day, as sometimes we are actually thirsty and not hungry. Reach for the glass of lemon water before the doughnut!

Other foods to include in your diet are seaweeds such as Wakame seaweed. It is nutritionally high in vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is also known as ‘sea vegetables’ and are highly nutritious, containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It contains an active component called fucoxanthin which increase nutritional benefits of seaweed further. Wakame aids in weight management and fat metabolism. It can be sprinkled onto soups and salads.

Globe Artichoke, help support digestion and is an excellent fibre source. As a food source they are high in fibre and protein and filling, this will increase the feeling of satiety. Artichokes have only 64 calories, and 13% protein and a great addition to the diet in soups, pasta dishes and vegetarian lasagne.

Seaweed Diet™ tablets are based on effective functional ingredients from seaweed. There are benefits of seaweed in weight management and fat metabolism. New Nordic Seaweed Diet tablets contain fucoxanthin rich wakame extract in combination with Norwegian kelp. The tablet also contains artichoke and black pepper which helps support digestion, dandelion and white mulberry leaf. It’s content of chromium helps maintain normal blood glucose levels and metabolism.

If you are finding it hard to shift that stubborn 5lbs try taking New Nordic Seaweed Diet tablets before meals each day for a month. Implement the tips above and increase your exercise levels too, your waist line should thank you for it!