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Super Nutrient Illuminating and Firming Body Exfoliator - 250ml
Super Nutrient Illuminating and Firming Body Exfoliator - 250ml

Super Nutrient Illuminating and Firming Body Exfoliator - 250ml


Contains almond shell granules in a nutrient-rich organic seaweed gel which polish and tone the skin, removing impurities and stimulating micro-circulation.

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Brand Seavite

>> Shell- granules eliminate dulling dead cells
>> Seaweed extracts detoxify and nourish skin
>> Almond microbeads polish the skin
>> Ginseng boosts micro circulation and luminosity
>> Leaves skin feeling smooth and revitalized

Seavite, the original Irish seaweed-based skin and body care range, is now celebrating over 30-years in business. Originally created by Marine Scientist, Patrick Mulrooney, in the 1980’s, in a bid to cure his daughters’ severe atopic eczema. The multi award-winning range, was recently taken over by Patrick’s daughters, Jane and Katherine, both of whom are medical doctors, with Masters’ in Clinical Dermatology. In 2015, the doctors took on the challenge building on their father’s legacy, by improving the Seavite formulas with the latest scientific developments in skincare.                                                                         

The new range Super Nutrient range is so called due to the addition of clinically-proven, new organic seaweed extracts to all products face and body products. These extracts are medical grade extracts, derived from the purest and most potent seaweed, marine extracts and botanicals. While the formulas still center around bolstering skin strength, calming inflammation and slowing down the signs of aging. They’re suitable for all skin types but are particularly loved by anyone with skin concerns such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and adult onset acne. 

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Brand Seavite