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Tribest Freshlife Automatic Sprouter
Tribest Freshlife Automatic Sprouter

Tribest Freshlife Automatic Sprouter


Sprouting just got a whole lot simpler!

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Brand Tribest

Grow your own organic wheatgrass, micro salads and sprouts indoors using the Tribest Freshlife Automatic Sprouter. Simply fill the base unit with water, add seeds and let the automatic sprinkler do the rest. With no watering, no messy soil, and no chemicals in just 5 to 8 days you’ll be enjoying your very own supply of delicious, fresh and ultra nutritious sprouted vegetables. Sprouted vegetables contain 10 to 50 times more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes than at any other time during their life cycle. An entire spectrum of flavours await as you produce sprouts from radishes, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion, sunflower, wheatgrass, fenugreek, buckwheat, lettuce, mung, alfalfa, clover, sweet pea, and many, many more.


Automatic sprinkling system that sprays water and supplies air to the seeds no need to water your sprouts 2-3 times a day
Enables you to enjoy nutritional natural food, free from chemicals or pesticides, all year round in the convenience of your own home
Up to 4 flavours per tray
Sprouting barrels are BPA-Free
Expandable with the purchase of an additional sprout barrel to allow you to grow twice as many sprouts. No other tools are necessary; just add the second barrel, the water tube assembly and three stainless steel clips for support
Each tray yields 200-450g on average
Juicy mung and soybean feature
1 year warranty
38cm H x 28.3cm W x 28.3cm D / 3.6kg

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Brand Tribest